Rachel & Adam – Montelucia – Eyes 2 See – Petal Pushers – Paula Jacqueline Cakes

Thrilled to be able to share some of the pictures from this Montelucia wedding – thank you to Rachel and Adam for letting us help you with your amazing day, we loved being a part of it!  The flowers were stunning (thanks so Tamara at Petal Pushers!), the cake was incredible (thanks to Paula Jacqueline Cakes!) and the band had guests on the dance floor all night.  We are able to share it thanks to Stuart at Eyes 2 See!… Oh what a night…


Petal Pushers created the ultimate romantic scene for the ceremony… chandelier, swagged chiffon, blush and ivory flowers, glowing candles… it was perfect.

The reception was equally stunning!
Sequined linen on the sweetheart table added a special sparkle
Paula Jacqueline Cake – it was not just pretty, it was delicious! We would never expect anything less from PJ…
OOOH – There’s Jackie bustling our beautiful bride!
Caramel Candy Apples for all!
Gelato? Yes, please!
Oh and did we mention it was FUN????
Because it was.  It was fun…       =)



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