Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

In a digital age, it’s tempting to send a “thank-you” via email – but taking the time to write a tangible, ink-to-paper, card-in-envelope, addressed and stamped, thank-you card, means a lot to the recipient. Go the extra mile and send thank-you notes. It counts.

I got a card in the mail on Saturday from a bride whose wedding I did a year ago, and it felt really nice to get such a special thank-you. I am touched that she remembered me on her one year anniversary and took the time to send me a hand-written, thoughtful note.
I had no idea when we hired a wedding planner that you would grow to be such an important , special person in my life.  I appreciate how you were there for me every step of the way, listening and talking through the minutia of pink flowers and chivari chairs.  I know how small those decisions were but you gave each one the gravitas I needed at the time.”

Reading that was so nice.  Now I’m going to go order some really special thank-you cards! =)

What I’m liking…

This origami card by I Made Yoo Smile on Etsy:

Thank You Origami Gift Flower Card

Custom monogram on textured paper by Two Paper Dolls:

Some glitz is always pretty!



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