The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress

Like most brides, you are struggling to find a dress that suits all of your bridesmaids.  They are individuals with different body shapes and style preferences.  This is a great dress which allows your bridesmaids to suit themselves.  Your girls can highlight the areas they feel confident about and cover the areas they don’t.  And for those pesky pregnant bridesmaids, they don’t have to worry about their changing body shape leading up to the wedding date!
twist-wrap-dress-3 (2)

twist-wrap-dress-2 (3)

twist-wrap-dress-1 (2)


The dress also comes in an array of colors: twist-colors

1759-MIDN-med This “Midnight color caught my attention.  So rich.

Also, DO NOT FORGET to order a swatch (or several) of the dress color and fabric.  You will want to bring it to your florist appointment and linen appointment.  

Check out Dessy for all of the great styles and colors.  Your bridesmaids will probably thank you.


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