Bridal Beauty Essentials

You want to look radiant on your wedding day –


fresh, flawless skin, a hint of a tan, white teeth, beautiful hair, etc. – but if you do not plan in advance, you could look like a wreck. Do NOT wait until the last-minute to take care of some beauty treatments! I have seen way too many brides end up with red splotches from last-minute beauty treatments and rashes or orange streaks from spray-tan mishaps.
Here is a list of recommended primping that you should do 2 weeks in advance:

  1. Teeth Whitening.  Teeth whitening can irritate your gums or create severe sensitivity (short-term, but nothing you want to deal with at your wedding celebration).  Book an in-office teeth whitening OR begin your Crest White Strips regimen 2 weeks (or more) in advance and don’t forget your groom, he needs to look good too! images
  2. Eyelash Extensions.  I love eyelash extensions for brides as opposed to mascara because they look natural and eliminate the worry of running mascara.  You will probably shed a tear or two on your wedding day and you don’t want to be worrying about black streaks running down your face.  eyelash extensions
  3. Spray Tan.  I have seen a lot of spray tan mishaps including orange streaks and red rashes from a bad reaction to the formula.  Do your spray tan experimenting well in advance of the big day.  And don’t go too dark, a subtle glow always looks best.spraytan
  4. Waxing.  Again, bad reactions to formula and general skin irritation are a big risk with waxing too close to the big day.  Do this at least one week prior.
  5. Wedding shoes.  Okay, this isn’t quiet beauty but it’s very important to do at least two weeks in advance – start wearing your wedding shoes!  Wear them outside to scuff up the bottoms a bit so they aren’t so slippery.  Wear them around the house.  Break them in and find any sore spots so you can be proactive about blisters.  There are a lot of great products that will give your feet more mileage if you put them on BEFORE your feet start hurting.  Foot cushions and band-aids are miracle workers!

download (2)

I highly recommend you go see Marcella Alderman at Camelback Women’s Healthfor all of your beauty needs, she is who I send all of my brides to.  Marcella is wonderful and does permanent make-up, eyelash extensions, waxing, dermaplanes, facials, peels and more.  Marcella can be reached at 602-595-6271.  Don’t forget to have your groom polished up too – a deep-cleaning facial should be in order!… and once again, do this in ADVANCE!!!


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