What does a wedding planner do for her OWN wedding?…

Yes, I’m talking about me!  I got married a few weeks ago and am delighted to share some photos and details.  We got married in a small, private ceremony on Friday with our parents, siblings and children and then celebrated on Saturday with 100 of our closest friends and family at the beautiful Talavera restaurant at Four Seasons North Scottsdale.

Yes, I did wear black to my ceremony.

But hey, I loved the dress and added some pink shoes!

Charlee and Paul Ceremony

A better look at my pink shoes…

Pink Shoes

My new husband and I appreciate great food, so it was very important to us to have an amazing menu.  Talavera Delivered.  Each guest was given a menu and were able to choose their own salad and entree.

menu card


My beautiful wedding cake by Sedona Cake Couture

cake better

The night was full of special moments – toasts from each of our 4 children which left us blotting our eyes, dancing to the music of my two favorite singers, and being surrounded by my closest friends and family.  What made our wedding so special was the way we felt.

Charlee and Paul Desert


2 thoughts on “What does a wedding planner do for her OWN wedding?…

  1. I did attend this beautiful reception at Four Seasons Resort at Troon North with all the special touches to enjoy this wonderful celebration with Charlee and Paul!

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